About us

Hola chicas! My name is Letty González and this is my shop!

A little bit about me; I studied Business Administration at Bryant College in Rhode Island and upon graduating, I started working as a Jewelry Department Assistant Buyer at Gonzalez Padín, Co., which was owned by my family. Shortly thereafter, I was transferred to the Women’s Junior Department as an Assistant Buyer, where I found my true passion: shopping for work! Immediately after the closing of González Padín, with the help of my parents and my husband, I opened my shop.

Silhouette Boutique opened for business in March 1996 and was a success instantaneously. For the first ten years, sales always grew and business was very successful. However, changing times in the retail industry, a difficult and depressed economy in Puerto Rico, and the early days of social media provided some very challenging years filled with constant changes and the need to readjust business plans and selling strategies. Our ability to react, adapt, and evolve has made Silhouette Boutique stronger throughout the years and is what keeps us going.

So, I guess this was me adapting and evolving as I decided to open up this online shop! The journey has been a crazy roller coaster ride with lots of highs, lows, and very unexpected turns that have kept me very busy, sometimes worried, and always exited.  I’m also very grateful for my amazing team, most of whom have been with me since the beginning and are a key players in our success story.

Our new online store marks the beginning of a new and very exciting adventure. Here, you'll find chic clothes and accessories to help you keep up with the latest fashion trends! Never forget that fashion and style defy age and we LOVE fashion!